As we keep repeating to anybody who would listen : a bike or a part made by Mecatwin must be better. In efficiency, in quality, in pleasure, superior in ... all. This applies to improve this 70's concept. So, we decided to keep only the positive aspects of "the beast" and solved all the inner defects the bike had in the past, by bringing the up-most care in the conception and the making of each piece.

A new seat design... settable and replaced footrest... as well as a more protective top fairing... plus many parts made in carbon-kevlar moulded under pressure and mounted on silent-blocks. The auto-carrier rear allows a second seat (a pillion seat can be inserted under the rear panel).

Beyond the XLCR Evolution has nothing in common with the original model, it'll give you a brand new H-D experience. Perfectly seated, the body lightly bent to the handlebars , with just the protection you need behind the new nose fairy, you will feel the position as an invitation to ride… and ride more.
All Mecatwin body parts greatly reduce the weight (14 Kg less than 1200S Sportster), for a final result of 214 Kg… which is quite "light" for an American V-twin !

The original shocks absorbers have been changed by more efficient ones and fork received a lowering and progressive spring kit. The ground clearance is definitely better, the guiding sharper, more "fluent" and offers greater comfort.

We also designed new floating brake discs. In combination with efficient pads it will give you the most.


1200 XLCR engine
( The air filter on this picture is an option )










® Les termes XLCR et Evolution sont des appellations pour les motocycles Harley-Davidson®.
Ces appellations déposées par Harley-Davidson® Inc, Milwaukee, USA sont employées uniquement dans le but de référencer nos produits.