Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). This project was born the day we decided to sell our old XLCR. If we had no regret about the tremendous weight of the engine, we were in awe of its incredible charisma. It was like turning on an old B32, something we felt in our guts… Could this really be a thing of the past ?
Today when most bikes are without emotion, the fascinating personality of this model became, suddenly, quite actual. Bring back the same "character", the same emotions, the same feeling but improved and without the drawbacks… The idea to create a modern version of the XLCR just snapped!
With modern Sportster, the most compact bikes of the H-D range, with a stock engine or not, it becomes so obvious. Creating a new bike, a modern bike, with a reliable engine, a 5-gears box, a drive belt and double discs… This was our idea : an XLCR "Evolution", something with "power", with "brakes", something reliable, refined and superb… to make it short : a bike!


Copy or… new interpretation ?

"Today, the XLCR is already a myth. Just have a look on the web and you’ll see. So, we don’t pretend to be the only ones who worked on the subject... but no one had gone so far.
We could not just build a kind of "adaptation" from an old body-work ! Taking the easy way was out of question. The difference is there. In design work, dealing with proportions is essential. First, we should keep in mind that in many ways, during the last 25 years, our consumer’s eyes has changed : nowadays, sport bike are lower from the front, the rear part is very short… whether we like it or not but an actual model with a low rear, a thin rear tyre, and a long fork would be a bit schocking.
In addition, Sportster built after 1986 looks like the old one but is very different. The term "Evolution" was not just a word.
We kept in mind the main lines and stay closer to the spirit of the original model without making the mistake of creating a copy. If all parts have been redesigned and brought back into actual proportions, the challenge was to show our work as easy as it appears simple !
Pure and obvious.
Finally, only the confrontation between the new one and its model makes the work appears. As a conclusion : "more simple it looks, harder it is !"
Franck Depoisier






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