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The Bonneville Special Shocks are manufactured in England by HAGON. We have ordered those shocks with better hydraulic setting and softer spring than stock Bonneville.

Not so expensive, more beautiful and elegant in their “Black and Chrome” finish, they can also be ordered with or without covers (3 models are available – see list of references)
Three setting positions. Delivered with the setting tool.

Ref : 03TBO-100 Hagon shocks
Without cover
Ref : 03TBO-100BK Hagon shocks black

avec réglage hydraulique

Amortisseurs HAGON à gaz réglables
Bi-amortisseurs réglables en hydraulique et précharge. Le réglable de la détente et de la compression est synchronisé et simultané - aussi efficace que pratique.

Ref :
Amortisseurs HAGON
réglables hydraulique chromés
Ref :
Amortisseurs HAGON
réglables hydraulique noirs


Azot gaz shocks especially made by Bitubo for the MECATWIN Bonneville Tracker.
These pretty shocks offer a good comfort. The finest adjustable compression and rebound allows you to refine your own settings. Chrome-platted body and black springs.
Ref : 03TBO-105/2 BITUBO shocks


Working on the fork length allows, among other things, to change the stance of the bike and to modify its performance. To make your Bonneville swifter (especially when taking a bend) we suggest to lower your forks 22mm and to increase the springs pre-load of 12mm. No need to change the hydraulic : the viscosity of the original oil is perfectly suited.

To lower a fork, two methods are possible :
In the first one, we replace the retainer springs (longer) and the compression one (shorter). The fork must be completely dismantled and this is, generally, what we do when it is necessary to keep an identical look. A work for tool lovers, we may say…

The second method we suggest is really easiest : you simply have to bring up the fork tubes by 22mm after having loosen the top and bottom yokes ! The tube-covers we supply serve only to trim the tubes that will jut out above the top yoke. The pre-load spacers go on the springs after having removed the fork tops (and the bars too, to make it easier…) Such a long speech for a pair of spacers and a pair of tube-covers ? Yes… but it’s so beautiful and already done !



Ref : 03TBO-111



Lowering fork kit
( tube-covers + pre-load spacers)