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The Ascot has much more to give than just it's aesthetic modifications …
a new mass balance …a new position… and a great lightness…
it is amazing to see how a different bodywork and some changes
will so radically transform a bike…
and make out of a T.Bird, a Legend or an Adventurer a real "pleasure factory".
More than any other bike : It becomes an … ASCOT !

The Ascot allows to change all the bodywork of your TRIUMPH (except the tank… the only part that remains the same !) The Ascot offers also a comfortable seat even for the passenger when you remove the solo seat cowl. All the new elements are made of very high quality composite materials using a "moulding/counter-moulding" process. This technique allows a very precise control of the different thickness of each part. These parts are adjusted "to the millimetre" and their mounting is incredibly easy. The kit is sold pre-mounted and ready to paint (… or already painted : see painting estimate). The other exclusive accessories for the Ascot (bars, fork kit, exhausts, braking…) are available in our catalogue.

Before ...

... After



Reliability and lightness


No change in the wiring harness


No change in the air intake system


Easy and quick mounting


Passenger seat under the cowl


High quality parts


Many aesthetic possibilities



1 main support
1 cowl support
1 solo seat cowl
1 front mudguard
1 seat
1 underseat tray
2 side panels (RH, LH)
2 filter covers
1 rear light
4 indicators all the mounting accessories (delivered pre-mounted)




  ASCOT kit for LEGEND ( …and the very last T-Bird )
      Kit TT =
Kit TTR =
1575 € HT ( 1883.70 € TTC )
1750 € HT ( 2093.00 € TTC )
Ref : 04TASC80LTT
Ref : 04TASC80LTTR
  ASCOT kit for THUNDERBIRD (warning : only with rear chassis N° : T2079010)
Thank you to check the chassis number of the bike to transform (until VIN : 60502)*

      Kit TT =
Kit TTR =
1575 € HT ( 1883.70 € TTC )
1750 € HT ( 2093.00 € TTC )
Ref : 04TASC80TBTT
The TT kit is provided with filter covers without hole (black gel-coat finish)
The TTR kit is provided with filter covers with “holes” + black textured paint (with stainless or brass grille depending on the bike colour or if wished).



All the chassis of the "Classic" style are in two parts that can be taken apart. If the front part is mostly the same, the rear changes depending on the model.
For example, the T.Bird has experienced three different rear parts ! We only have two different types of Ascot kits. One for the rear of the "Legend" type (that can be used also on the most recent T.Bird) and one for the most common T.Bird chassis with the number T2079010 (mounted until the chassis number 60502). If you possess another chassis (Adventurer or Thunderbird Sport) you should order a removable rear buckle you will fix on the chosen kit. Unfortunately, this means a little extra cost, but (fortunately !) the kit can be very easily mounted. Don’t hesitate to give us the serial number of your bike if you have any doubt.

  Ref : 04TT2079010
Ref : 04TT2072420
T.Bird Rear Frame
Legend Rear Frame
Prix : 543 € TTC
Prix : 543 € TTC